Welcome to my site

I'm Adriana. Proud Mexican, inveterate traveler and industrial designer by profession. Lover of art, innovation, strategy and social development. Graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México. Owner of a 90% scholarship during all my studies within this institution (2008-2016). Titled with an average of 90. ​

The best part of being an industrial designer is the versatility and freedom we have to explore our areas of interest without needing to specialize in a particular thing. My career has been like this, versatile and dinamic. My social and environmental commitment has led me to develop projects in different areas and purposes. I alwasy seek to do things well, because there is no better way to do good than doing well your job. 

Each of my experiences has given me unique values and I share them in this website. 

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Beyond de professional profile...